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Prumatech is one of the leading Focussed Materials and Maintenance Management Solutions Provider Organisations

About Us

Prumatech is a global company providing solutions and services in Plant Maintenance, Materials Management and related Information Technology with strong delivery capabilities in India, Middle East, Far East and South America.

For almost two decades, Prumatech has been providing its Services in the area of Materials & PM modules to clients spread across a wide Industry. Our clients trust us to deliver in a dynamic and evolving business scenario. Our commitment to quality and adherence to project timelines has ensured our rapid growth.Today we are proud of the fact that our companies together employ some 2000 people.

Prumatech is well aware of the fact that though Maintenance and Materials Management are symbiotic in nature, the dynamics of each are different. Hence it was decided that we will have two distinct entities, Prumatech Services Private Limited (PSPL) and Prumatech InfoSystems Private Limited (PIPL), to derive maximum advantage in offering Maintenance and Materials Management solutions, respectively.

Today Prumatech is well entrenched as a solution provider covering the entire gamut of Enterprise Asset Management. We have technical tie ups with GLOBAL LEADERS like Shell and also other niche solution providers.

Prumatech has a global reach. Our fully registered, independent offices in India, Dubai and UK ensure that we are never far away from any client.

P.N.Murty - Managing Director

P N Murty is the Managing Director of Prumatech Group of companies. He is a Science Graduate with 30 years experience in industry. Handled prestigious assignments in Materials and Maintenance Management including computerised systems, training, resources development, projects' planning & implementation. Widely travelled and worked in Malaysia, Thailand, Middle & Far East, Africa, Europe and USA. Positions held include Senior Consultant,Team Leader, Project Manager, Operations Manager, General Manager and Director. One of the chief promoters of PRUMATECH group in 1996. Presently responsible for overall management and control of operations for PRUMATECH's group of Companies in India, Dubai, UK.

"To be a leader in the field of Outsourced Business Process to the Manufacturing & Services sectors."

"Our Vision and Mission will be achieved by thinking creatively, acting responsibly, maintaining integrity and staying committed to HSE and not compromising on Quality."

"To be a leader in the field of Outsourced Business Process to the Manufacturing & Services sectors."

  • Growing Customer Relationship
  • Constantly improving quality
  • Continuous knowledge enhancement and keeping up with industry trends
  • Striving for Excellence
  • Openness to communicate
  • Cost effective methods & optimization of resources
  • Ability to innovatively respond to change
  • Adhering to values and ethics
  • Cross-functional teamwork, knowledge and resource sharing

  • Health, Safety, & Environment Policy

    Prumatech is committed to achieve and maintain excellence in Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE). We will conduct our business in a manner that protects the safety and health of our employees, our contractors, customers, and the communities in which we work, and which demonstrates a proactive approach towards environmental stewardship and continual improvement.

    HSE excellence will be achieved through the leadership of management, implementation and communication of a management system approach and maintaining compliance to our policies and standards. Active commitment and proactive support of HSE programs and initiatives is required by employees of Prumatech. We are committed to

  • Our belief that safety, health and environmental accidents are preventable.
  • Protect the health and safety of our employees.
  • Promote and maintain a work environment in which each of us accepts personal responsibility for our own safety and in which everyone is empowered to intervene to ensure the safety of their fellow employees and others.
  • Use of an effective management system which serves as the framework for the setting of goals and performance objectives aimed at continuous improvement.
  • Monitor and evaluate our HSE performance through the definition and use of key performance indicators, implementation of and compliance to operational and regulatory standards, training that includes (technical, operational, behavior – based safety and human factors) and assessment and audits.
  • Educate our employees by providing technical, regulatory, operational and behavior - based safety / human factors training focused on developing a culture of excellence.
  • A basic obligation to comply with applicable laws and regulation where we operate.
  • The commitment to this Policy by employees of Prumatech provides the foundation for risk management and reduction, operational excellence, and long term business success.

    Prumatech believes it is not necessary that the largest vendors with significant scale are always the best option for customer enterprises. As a medium-sized services provider, we are a viable sourcing option for customers who want to achieve greater cost advantage apart from quality and delivery capability promised by large suppliers, while still maintaining risk at lower levels.

    Our growth is the result of our commitment to provide quality services and effective solutions which sets us apart from our competition.
    Some of the advantages of having Prumatech as your vendor by choice include:

  • Allowing us to take care of your Enterprise Asset needs and allows you to concentrate on your core business.
  • We ensure that the increasing responsibility associated with Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) is effectively managed
  • Provides an independent company, responsible and accountable to the asset owners / shareholders, for managing the commercial and technical risks associated with the plant or project.
  • Provides a mechanism for contracting out plant failure risk.
  • Ensures project timescales are not compromised by the owner being distracted while trying to set up the whole O&M function from scratch.
  • We provide access to expertise and experience, without the need for major internal training or recruitment investment.
  • Our proven track record.
  • Our expertise and ability to identify and eliminate duplicate items, leading to reduced Inventory costs.
  • Specialised Master Data Preparation leads to improved information quality resulting in an efficient purchasing process.
  • Our Predictive Maintenance procedures ensure increased component life/availability.
  • Our Reliability Centred Maintenance eliminates unnecessary maintenance or overhauls.
  • Presence of experienced consultants in Maintenance and Materials Management.
  • Our well documented Operation and Maintenance philosophy.
  • Strong independence as there is no tie up to any specific supplier.
  • Our Products

    Prumatech’s e-String – Data Governance & Catalogue Management Tool (SAP Certified Integration Tool) – helps you manage the end to end Cataloguing pro-cess of your MRO items in a very user friendly environment.
    eString is a world-class, fast-track de-ployment software tool for materials catalogue development, and its mainte-nance.>> Click to Register and Download

    SHARPe is a tool developed by PRUMATECH to optimize stockholdings. Practical and correct inventory parameters are set by analyzing clients’ existing data and setting revised stock levels.
    SHARPe tool does a technical evaluation of stocking policy and updates stocks to optimum levels based upon current data ,current company policy , current technology & realistic inventory parameters. SHARPe is flexible to cater for the variations in data received from different clients.>> Click to Register and Download

    A Web Based Application custom built by Prumatech Infosystems Pvt Ltd for assisting in the systematic management of Spare Part requirements for Greenfield & Brownfield Projects.>> Click to Register and Download