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Prumatech is one of the leading Focussed Materials and Maintenance Management Solutions Provider Organisations


Prumatech e-String – Data Governance & Catalogue Management Tool (SAP Certified Integration Tool) – helps you manage the end to end Cataloguing pro-cess of your MRO items in a very user friendly environment.
eString is a world-class, fast-track de-ployment software tool for materials catalogue development, and its mainte-nance.>> Click to Register and Download eString Brochure


SHARPe is a tool developed by PRUMATECH to optimize stockholdings. Practical and correct inventory parameters are set by analyzing clients’ existing data and setting revised stock levels.
SHARPe tool does a technical evaluation of stocking policy and updates stocks to optimum levels based upon current data ,current company policy , current technology & realistic inventory parameters. SHARPe is flexible to cater for the variations in data received from different clients.>> Click to Register and Download SHARPe Brochure


A Web Based Application custom built by Prumatech Infosystems Pvt Ltd for assisting in the systematic management of Spare Part requirements for Greenfield & Brownfield Projects.>> Click to Register and Download Prospir Brochure